About us

Lovespun was born from a simple dream; to help women wake up looking and feeling their most rested and beautiful, every day. Hand-harvested and woven from the world’s finest grade 6A, 22 momme, long fiber 100% Mulberry Silk, our all-natural range of luxurious 100% mulberry silk products are infused with beauty-enhancing benefits to help you look and feel your most radiant every day.


Lovespun products are made with 22 momme, Grade 6A, long fiber, 100% pure mulberry silk - the highest quality you can find. Renowned for its comfort and longevity, this luxuriously soft and durable silk only gets better with every wash.
To bring you the highest standard quality, made in the best possible conditions, Lovespun is involved in every phase of product development, certification, and lab testing. Each product is third-party tested and OEKO-TEX certified.
From the harvesting of mulberry leaves for silkworms to feed on, to spinning the resulting cocoons into silk fibers, we see to it that every step of the manufacturing process incorporates our sustainable approach.


“Like many of the women I know, I suffered from allergies and skin irritation for years caused by the usual combination of pollution, dust, frequent travel, and poor quality of sleep. Feeling tired, itchy, and irritable, I consulted one dermatologist after another, in the hope that I would find a simple and long-lasting solution. A silk pillowcase gifted to me on my birthday a few years ago was a game-changer, improving my skin and sleep tremendously. To my disappointment, I discovered that the pillowcase had lost its softness and shine after only a few washes, as did the other expensive silk products I had purchased on my pursuit for clean skin and deep sleep.
Unable to find quality that matched the price tag, I quit my job in corporate luxury to go looking for the highest-grade mulberry silk in the world so that women just like me could benefit from its multitude of beauty and health benefits while consuming sustainably and intelligently. After two years of thoughtful research and extensive testing, Lovespun came to life in 2021 with the mission to elevate the clean beauty routine and improve the overall wellbeing of women around the globe in the midst of a pandemic.
Lovespun is the product of my passion for durable quality and a reminder that we should never compromise when it comes to our health and daily lifestyle. After all, we sleep for one-third of our lives – we should really make it count”
Aarti Panjabi
Founder – Lovespun.