The Story of Mulberry Silk

The Story of Mulberry Silk

Almost everyone knows the story of the Chinese Empress and her discovery of mulberry silk, but no one ever speaks about the other story. The long-forgotten story of the hands that wove the silk into being. The story of an inner and outer journey of metamorphosis and transformation. Here at Lovespun, this is the story that we are passionate about telling, as this is the story that we are gifting to you with every purchase.

But wait ~ before we dive into that ~ let’s quickly get you up to speed with the discovery of silk: It was the year 2640, and as the Chinese Emperor's wife enjoyed her tea quietly under the shade of an old mulberry tree, a small cocoon gently descended into her teacup from the treetops above, slowly unravelling before her very eyes. Mesmerized by the beauty of the fine thread, she set off to gather the silk, empty cocoon after empty cocoon. When she had enough, she sat down to unravel the sacred silk and weave them into an extraordinary robe fit for the Emperor. This marked the beginning of a timeless and age-old legacy.

Had she taken a moment to look up for just a moment, the empress may have noticed the two small black eyes that gazed down from the branches above her. Having just stepped out of her cocoon, two wings unfolding gracefully upon her back, the female moth sat awhile as she watched the emperor’s wife with curiosity. This was her journey of metamorphosis, from caterpillar to moth. She had always known that to become more than she was, she needed to rest and awaken, fully renew, revitalised, and transformed. Her cocoon was the vessel that paved the way for this transformation, holding space for her to find the wings she had always dreamed of growing. Gazing down from the branches above, the moth smiled. Deep inside she knew that her gift of silk would pay forward the story of metamorphosis, helping those who slept inside its silky threads to arise the next day feeling renewed and transformed.  Once Reserved for Emperors, now Reserved for you. Your story of metamorphosis. A cocoon, woven from a single 1000-metre-long thread, held space for the silkworm's greatest transformation, and now it holds space for yours.

Once reserved for emperors, now reserved for you. Here at Lovespun, our products are passed down from nature to you. Woven with two gentle hands for the purpose of metamorphosis.

We believe that silk transcends limitations, adorning you with infinite possibilities and unwavering potential. It holds space for you to arise as your most radiant self. This is our (and nature’s) gift to you.