Silk Versus Cotton

Silk Versus Cotton

They might be the two most popular - and most well known - fabrics in the world, but there are vast differences between cotton and silk. Everything from how they're both produced to the benefits they each hold is completely different, and while they do have their pros and cons there is definitely one that is far superior to the other - well, at least there is in our humble opinion.

Here, we've broken down the key differences along with the main benefits of choosing silk over cotton when it comes to pillowcases -- something that matters more than you think, especially considering we spend at least a third of our entire lives sleeping. Oh, and trust us when we say when you've made the switch to silk, you won't regret it.

SILK IS SMOOTHER There's a reason the words 'silky' and 'smooth' are often used together when describing something that's super soft, and that's because silk is just that. Unlike cotton, which is quite a coarse material that can be rough against your skin, silk reduces the amount of friction against it. In turn, that helps reduce any fine lines or wrinkles that occur while you sleep.

SILK IS HYDRATING Cotton absorbs more than 40% of essential oils and moisture from skin while you sleep, while silk absorbs much less - and it works to help promote hydration, too. It's also worth noting that cotton can actually decrease the efficacy of the products you lovingly apply before bed, whereas silk is much more complimentary.

SILK IS HYPOALLERGENIC As well as being satisfyingly smooth, silk is also hypoallergenic and breathable. It contains a protein called sericin, which has a natural resistance to everything from dust mites and bacteria to mould and other allergens, making it a solid choice for allergy sufferers. 

SILK IS ANTIBACTERIAL Research often shows that people don't change their bedding and pillowcases as often as they should, but thanks to the naturally-occuring anti-bacterial properties, that's not quite as much as an issue when you switch to silk. That also makes it an excellent choice of material when it comes to wearing a face mask or covering, too.

SILK PROTECTS HAIR It's not just your skin that benefits from silk - hair does, too. In the same way that cotton can cause friction on your skin, it can do the same to your hair which, over time, can leave it dry and brittle. However, silk adds moisture and keeps hair looking and feeling shiny and smooth - and it'll even help prolong the life of both your blow-dry and your false lashes.