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Our Story Begins and ends with preserving
your innate beauty.

As women, we know that when we look and feel our best, we embody our highest potential, take up space with confidence, and excel in all that we do.

EST. 2020

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower women globally, ensuring they wake up each day feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally beautiful with our premium products.

We are on a mission to provide the most innovative and high-quality silk products, setting a standard for durability and sustainability in the industry.


A Word From Our Silken Studio

"Like many women, I struggled with allergies and skin irritation caused by pollution, frequent travel, and poor sleep quality. After being gifted a silk pillowcase, I have to admit that I fell in love.

I immediately felt the transformation, I embodied the difference. I knew that it was my mission to share this experience with other women.

However, after researching and diving deep into the industry, I was disappointed to find that most silk products didn't live up to their promises of durability and quality. Driven by my passion for sustainable and intelligent consumption, I left my corporate high-end job to search for the highest-grade mulberry silk in the world."

Aarti Panjabi
Founder and Marketing Head
After two years of research and testing, Lovespun was born in 2021, aiming to enhance clean beauty and improve the well-being of women worldwide.

Because, you deserve to feel

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